Thursday, February 12, 2009

It is not as though i haven't found time to pen down (well, in this case, type out) my thoughts. I just have weird time-management skills.

It's been the proverbial roller-coaster ride since my last post....

I absolutely love the way the phrase is coined ... I want to list out my derivations from it.... how I describe life as a 'roller-coaster ride'

1. It is mechanical

2. You dun control it

3. You are barely holding on

4. You go against your natural tendencies

5. The fall is steep

6. THe climb is VERY slow. And scary

7. There is a moment where everything is upside down, you are screaming your lungs and you cant help fact nobody can

8. You heave a sigh of relief towards the end

9. You curse urself for getting into it

10. You are proud that you held on

11. It's a kick and you want to do it again

The joke is on u...