Thursday, May 8, 2008

Curious play of GENE-WORK

i like coining phrases.... it creates a drama in my prose as i strive to derive the maximum out of that is a layered helps in drawing out the intricacies of that outburst....

the above phrase (the title of this blog) translates simply into ' a person with extra-ordinary abilities'...

i think I'd like to define myself this way...


What do you mean by fate?

We perceive fate to be an irreversible plan sketched out for everyone out there.

But do we delve deeper and ever wonder if it is 'something' or 'someone' that makes these plans for us?

Who or what is it?

Fate is not a heavenly path for our future.

It is nothing but a repository of all the reactions to our actions. We are ourselves responsible for our actions. After all, it is our plans and actions that determine the steps we take to march head-on to our destiny.